HelplessTeens – Marina Angel Will Only Get…


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HelplessTeens – Marina Angel Will Only Get a Ride for Rope Bondage, Deepthroat BJ & Rough Sex
Angry boyfriends have no problem kicking their girlfriends out of the car when they argue, even if in the middle of nowhere. That’s the position helpless teen Marina Angel is in. This hot babe with a cute ass can walks towards the direction she thinks might lead to a road or help. Luckily, a white van pulls up. She talks to the driver and begs for a ride. She’ll do anything for a ride home. Her hero seems like a nice guy but he wants something she did not expect he would ask for. He makes it known by pulling out his cock, showing her what a big one looks like. He wants a deepthroat blowjob from this good girl. She acts shy at first, grabbing it, stroking it a bit. He grabs her by the back of the neck and makes her taste it. After awhile of the blowjob, he pulls her on his cock, making her ride him in the driver’s seat. He throws her in the back of the van for more fun. Marina earns her ride through rope bondage, domination, BDSM, rough sex and more deepthroat blowjobs, all outdoors. He even has a dungeon with sex toys for a slave training session. Angel said she would do anything for a ride.
Pornstars:  Marina Angel

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