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PlayBoyPlus – Iana, Madi – Be My Valentine

Iana Little and newcomer Madi Meadows wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day with this set from photographer Holly Randall. Many a man declares his love on Valentine’s Day, and one popular way to say it is with candy – but on the contrary, Iana and Madi prefer to show us how it’s done. “Our Valentine’s shoot was soooo cute,” gushes Iana. “I loved it! We wore candy bras and panties, which was super cute and sweet, and Madi was amazing to work with. It was literally her second photoshoot ever…and my first time kissing a girl!” There’s a first time for everything, and if we’ve got anything to say about it, this won’t be the last you see of Iana or Madi – with a set this hot, we know that fans will be begging for more. “I love both genders, a lot,” hints Madi. “It’s important to have a lot in common – if we share the same feelings, we’ll instantly click.” Wink wink, nudge nudge – Happy Valentine’s Day from Iana Little, Madi Meadows and all of us at Playboy Plus.



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