Star Virgin (1979)


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Starring: Kari Klark, Hillary Summers, Mike Ranger, Tantala Ray, Brenda Leggs, Jeannette Harlow, Terri Dolan, Tracy Walton, Zen Kitty

Kari Klark in one of her most provocative roles to date. This newfound beauty explodes across the screen along with seven lusty lovelies from the pages of Hustler and Chic, as they indulge their desires with universal delight and eroticism.

The human race it’s at the verge of extinction. They’re only a young woman (Kari Klark) preserved by a race of robots.

She wanna knows what’s and the robot shows her a series of loops of sex acts, including threesomes and an orgy. Kari Klark is thre reclaim of the film, but she only masturbates. BTW, according to iafd it’s her only adult film.

Scene breakdown
* Scene 1. Tina Louise, Bud Wise
* Scene 2. Chris Anderson, Johnny Hardin, Tricky Dicky
* Scene 3. Hillary Summers, Terri Dolan, Mike Ranger
* Scene 4. Brenda Leggs, Zen Kitty, 7 guys, Brian Flynn, Mike Ranger, Bud Wise
* Scene 5. Kari Klark

Star Virgin (1979)



So the cost of her child’s survival is passed on to you and me in the form of higher medical expenses.