VivThomas – Alexandra Stein, Lorena Garcia


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VivThomas – Alexandra Stein, Lorena Garcia – Reading Room Scene 1 – Articulation

Could you keep your cool and read aloud from a novel while Lorena watched you? How about if she got up from her chair and began to run her soft hands over your body, kissed your neck, blew in your ear – what then? That’s the predicament Alexandra Stein finds herself in, and it’s hardly surprising that her voice falters as Lorena sucks her nipple and then slides her dress up and begins to rub her pussy through her panties. By the time Lorena has her panties around her thighs and is vibrating a fingertip fast across her clit, she’s struggling to keep her composure. The book tumbles to the floor as Lorena kisses Alexandra passionately and pushes her onto the sofa, giving us a delicious view of her G-string nestled between her plump pussy lips as she leans in to spread Alexandra’s hot slot open with her eager tongue and fingers. The skilful licking has Alexandra virtually hyperventilating with arousal, and when Lorena turns her over and spreads her cheeks to lick her from behind, her pleasure goes through the roof. She straddles Lorena’s lap and rides her fingers to orgasm, then strips her Spanish sweetheart naked and bends her over so she can lick her luscious pussy. Lorena stands over Alexandra, rocking her hips to grind on her busy tongue, and then sits on her face and rides harder and faster. Pushing Lorena onto her back, Alexandra holds her legs high and plunges her tongue deep, sending her over the edge. They finish in scissors, delirious with pleasure as they rub each other to climax.

Pornstars: Alexandra Stein, Lorena Garcia



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