Roy and Tim (Roy and Tim)


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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Roy and Tim (Roy and Tim)
Release Year: 2014
Studio: ActiveDuty
Cast: Roy & Tim
Genres: Newby, Booty sex, Oral, Oral job, Cum shots, Muscles, Bareback

March 16, 2014Our guest manager Mike is back with a brand new recruit — and a serious core unsaddled episode — as we meet Roy tonight.Roy is attached by Tim (and Tim’s ripped body, which is continually a sight to behold). Mike jokes that he thinks Tim looks nervous, but Tim rapidly shoots back, smiling, “I’m not!” Mike says that he’s “getting used to this,” since he’s been around the block a few times now with us.Mike says that Roy has done a solo for him (which we’ve yet to share with you), and Roy (before he was deployed) even attempted to video something with Bruce — but it didn’t work out too well. So, now he’s back, after some time, and Tim is going to receive a crack at Roy — so to speak.”Sounds pretty outstanding to me,” Roy says in a deep voice. Mike says he’ll leave the boys alone so they can “have at it.”We watch the guys slip their hands into their pants, as we hear the straight porn playing in the background. Mike asks Roy to take his hat off, and he balks at first, “do I have to?” Mike says he does, and he yanks it off, throwing it to the side. (Roy does realize he’s going to be stripped in a few min, right? lol.)The buddies seem a little nervous, and quiet, as is often the case. They stay focused on the mission at hand — and the pom-pom porno on the TV screen. Tim is the first to whip his underwear off, revealing a stiff penis. Roy glances over a few times, side-eyeing Tim’s cock.Mike asks Roy, “what are you thinking?” Roy instantly says, laughing, “My buttocks is gonna be hurtin’.” lol. Mike assures him that Tim will take it slow and easy on him.It isn’t long before Roy has taken Tim’s dick into his oral cavity and is going to town, sucking him down something fine. Tim is enjoying himself, and tells Mike how great Roy is doing. Royes off for a bit, taking a breather, but then goes back down. You can tell this is very new for Roy, as every time he finishes sucking, he rapidly wipes the saliva off his kisser, looking around. It’s that, “I just sucked a python and I need to wipe all this manmeat spit off me”-look, you know what I mean?Roy gives Tim a little bit more of a toe-curling oral delight, and then Tim asks Roy if he’s prepared to get fucked. Roy says “yeah” and lays down on the bed. The fellows waste no time here — and indeed the dimension of this scene (which is 26 min long) is fuck.Tim grabs the lube, slathers his unsaddled python, and starts out to dive into Roy. Somewhat unannouncedly, Roy is very quiet here, not making hardly a peep as Tim plows into him from behindhand. Soon, we start to hear some grunts and bawls from Roy, as he clamps the bed’s duvet tightly and looks around the room. Tim, meanwhile, has found a steady rhythm and is working Roy over nice-looking perfect.Roy gets up on his hands and knees so Tim can stand behind him and start railing his anal. Eventually the dudes receive up to a pretty decent speed, and Tim whispers, “Yeah, you like that?” Roy responds “yeah!” as best he can, as he bounces against Tim’s flesh. Roy is holding on to the bed’s duvet something serious — he’s gripping it so stern, that he ends up yanking the duvet off the bed (we hear it go “pop” as it yanks out from underneath the mattress).Soon, Tim has pulled out and is shooting his weight all over Roy’s back. Mike asks if Roy liked it, and Roy smiles, and says he did. Mike lets us in on a secret, saying that he gave Roy a bauble to experience on — before he took Tim. Well, no wonder Roy wasn’t crawling around the room! He had already had a exam run with a trinket. Mike jokes that Tim might be a little “bigger” than the toy. Roy says “that’s an understatement.”By the end of the episode, the lads say they’ve made a new crony and are down to work together other time. Success!

Format: mp4
Duration: 26:18
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1704kbps
Audio: 99kbps

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Roy and Tim (Roy and Tim) DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Roy and Tim (Roy and Tim)
DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Roy and Tim (Roy and Tim) DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Roy and Tim (Roy and Tim)

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Roy and Tim (Roy and Tim)
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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Roy and Tim (Roy and Tim)

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