Wild and Wet


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Release Year: 2000
Studio: Video-making studio 2000
Cast: Cameron Sage Dave Nelson Gordon Gage Kurt Wolfe Mark Rockwell Matt Majors Michel Mattel Richie Pleasant Trevor Halston
Genres: Booty, oral sex, typical hard-core, condoms

Studio 2000 is having a pool orgy where everyone gets soaked – including the viewers. Wild and Wet is an ode to Neptune and it introduces Matt Majors who is a major find with a major meat. In an industry where mighty manhood is mandatory, Mr. Majors has the most impressive cock to be seen onscreen in a long, long time. Before we receive ahead of ourselves, let’s make it clear that Majors is a perfect lookin ‘young guy, with a natural build and a bubblebutt. Notwithstanding, it is the penis that is both the cake and the icing thereon. It is long, thick uncut-the head is incredibly bulbous-and best of all, he can blow his own horn. Matt Majors is what Video-making studio 2000 ‘s quest for neers is all about-the epitome of “mega-meat.” Best of all, he shares his wealth of “talent” in two scorching scenes.
Wild and Wet opens with a Hollywood swimming pool telling us-yes, that’s right, telling us-about the glossy fellows and horny hunks who inhabit it. From there, we are taken on a variety of fluid fights in which the water itself serves as the springboard to aquatic sexual adventures. Never has a little water done so much for so many. We may not obtain you in appetizing water, but we’ll receive you horny!
Rounding out the cast of poolside playmates are: munchable Michel Mattel, fan faves Dave Nel and Richie Excellent, dependable dicksters Cameron Sage, Kurt Wolfe, and Trevor Halston, and new faces Mark Rockwell and Gordon Gage. Each brings his own delicious ingredient to the splashy stew-from Rockwell’s platinum golden-haired hair to Wolfe’s dark curlies, from Fine’s everready, massive battery-size pole to Mattel’s voracious hole-each rises to the occasion and makes John Travis’ Wild and Wet other Video-making studio 2000 must-see.
First up, pool lad Matt Majors discovers gardener Gordon Gage sunbathing as an alternative of working. Neither is in the mood to waste time, so in short order, Gage is gagging on Majors’ mast. After a long suck session, Gage turns his attention to deep-tonguing Matt’s butthole. Majors is primed and ready and fucks Gage doggie genre, side-saddle, and missionary, before both let fly gushers of goo.
The tasty trio of Mark Rockwell, Richie Excellent, and Kurt Wolfe scamper down the garden path, bones in the air, and plunge into the pool. A true tangle of torsos ensues as the three lock horns in, out of, and under the water. We’ve at all times been of the opinion that a little bit of aquatic cocksucking never hurt, and here the underwater camerawork is superb. Everyone sucks everyone else’s python, Wolfe and Rockwell accept porked by Rockwell and Good, respectively, and best of all, Wolfe gives Fantastic a fabulous facial. Keeping to the water motif, albeit indoors, we discover blond Cameron Sage and delicious Michel Mattel frolicking in a hot tub. They kiss, and inventive little Mattel pops a couple of ice cubes into his kisser and at once goes down on Sage. This frosty taste treat is followed by Cameron sucking Michel, before Mattel receives to do what he does best-flip over and get banged. Michel Mattel has an incredibly gorgeous and eminently fuckable booty, and is quickly bing one of superlative assholes in the biz, and here he certainly shows why. Both splash splendiferously. Back outdoors, a bubbling sexual tub is the episode for Dave Nel sittin ‘and strokin’ till interrupted by Matt Majors, who proceeds to stick his cock into Nel’s face. No fool, Nel seizes the opportunity and sucks. Before you can say, e for me!” Trevor Halston appears and connects the phallic frenzy. We will remind you at this point that Nel and Halston are almost as astounding of penile proportion as Majors. This is a lot o ‘dick! Majors screws Halston and later both of them screw Nel. In particular, the shots of Majors pumping his huge prick in and out of Nel’s gaping asshole are jolting and juicy. Multiple positions and perfect cumloads bring Wild and Wet to a slick and sticky conclusion.
Wild and Wet, under the steady hand of the awesome John Travis, is a classic piece of aquatic erotica delivered with the high production values ??and unbelievable men for which Film studio 2000 is renowned. This cast ofely cumsters, headed by the magnificent Matt Majors, is guaranteed to get you wild and get you wet.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:22:26
Video: 720×540, AVC (H.264), 1943kbps
Audio: 91kbps

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films Wild and Wet DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films Wild and Wet
DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films Wild and Wet DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films Wild and Wet

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films Wild and Wet
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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films Wild and Wet

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