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Christine Armanger, Lizzie Brocheré “Do Me LOVE”

Also Know: Frankreich Privat – Die sexuellen Abenteuer eines verheirateten

Étienne, married and in his fifties, meets Juliette, gutsy, fun-loving and very young. Though he’s lost all interest in having sex with his wife, Juliette soon sweeps him into a steamy, tumultuous affair. Despite the violent quarrels with his wife (who all too soon discovers his double life), he continues headlong on his mad adventure with the younger woman. Ardent passion, dizzying joy, dark despair: the two get caught up in a lover’s game full of risks, hazards and nebulous boundaries. Nor is Étienne always sure how to deal with Juliette, who eagerly draws him into her fantasies of suicide and death. Fanciful, nihilistic, often flirting with madness, Do me love chronicles a chaotic, troubled may/december relationship. Composed on a day-by-day basis and shot with a consumer digital camera, Do me love, a lewd, indecent, yet liberated film whose spontaneity brings to mind the early works of the French New Wave, resists categorization.

Juliette and Juliette, two pretty twenty year old French women are on the search for the meaning of life. Here, you will help the somewhat dated Etienne. But he soon turns out to be of little help, because he just wants sex. His marriage with the forty years Christine is at the end and the passion in bed long since extinguished. In order to satisfy his desire for sex, he looks for adventures with young women. A shameless and indecent film.


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