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Riley Steele & Kelly Brook & Jessica Szohr “Piranha 3D”

+Kelly Brook and Riley Steele doing a sexy dance on the bow of a boat at a lake party, both girls in skimpy bikinis. Kelly is in the red bikini and Riley is in blue, leaning over to motorboat between Kelly’s breasts at one point while the crowd cheers.

+Kelly Brook showing some nice cleavage in a red bikini when standing next to a couple guys who are driving a boat on a lake.

+Kelly Brook and Riley Steele swimming in a lake completely nude, giving us wonderful views of their naked bodies as they spin around in an underwater dance while wearing nothing but blue flippers. The girls show everything as they twist and turn and swim close enough to kiss as we see them from underwater and through the glass bottom of a boat. Kelly is the one with darker hair. Meanwhile, we also see a bit of Jessica Szohr floating on an inner-tube above them, wearing a bikini.

+Riley Steele lying on her back in a blue bikini as a guy does a body shot off her stomach. He and Kelly Brook then encourage Jessica Szohr, who is wearing a white and red bikini, to do another shot off Riley. Jessica obliges and they end the shot by making out with each other. Jessica then takes Riley’s place and a guy does a body shot off her while she lies on her back.

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US, since Hinsch's book is only 20 years old, is published by a mainstream university press (U of California) and is still in print – anyone can take it out of a library or buy it on Amazon.